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Reading: The self-employed healthcare professional: exploring a new phenomenon


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The self-employed healthcare professional: exploring a new phenomenon


C.G.M. Robbe-Ansems ,

About C.G.M.
Drs. C.G.M. Robbe-Ansems is senior lecturer Sociology at Avans University of Applied Sciences, ‘s-Hertogenbosch. With a special interest for interpersonal relations and new labour patterns, she now works on her thesis on the subject of the self-employed healthcare professional – patient dyad.
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W. de Lange,

About W.
Dr. W. de Lange is professor HRM at Avans University of Applied Sciences, ‘s-Hertogenbosch and Breda. In addition, he is an independent researcher in the field of HRM and editor-in-chief of “Tijdschrift voor HRM”.
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M.J.D. Schalk

About M.J.D.
Professor dr. M.J.D. Schalk is a faculty member of the Department of Human Resource Studies at Tilburg University and holds a special chair in Policy and Aging at Tilburg University. He is extraordinary professor at the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences and the Workwell Research Unit for People, Policy and Performance at the Potchefstroom Campus of North West University in South Africa. His research focuses on organizations and employees, with a special interest for psychological contracts, international differences, policy issues, and aging.
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The self-employed healthcare professional: exploring a new phenomenon In home care, the number of self-employed healthcare professionals is growing. This is a new and hardly investigated phenomenon. Why do healthcare professionals choose to be self-employed? And since they are not employees in a healthcare organization, how should we define their relationship with a patient/client? Exploring these questions guided by the concepts of care and labour has led to some preliminary results. Discontentment with the introduction of free market principles in healthcare and/or new opportunities due to this introduction may be reasons why healthcare professionals decide to become self-employed. The dyad self-employed healthcare professional – patient (that can be described as a interpersonal, professional care relationship) appears to be part of two triads: a care triad and a healthcare market triad. A framework for future research concludes this article. De zelfstandige zorgprofessional: een verkenning Zelfstandige zorgprofessionals zijn een nieuw, in aantallen groeiend, maar nog nauwelijks onderzocht fenomeen. Waarom kiezen zorgprofessionals voor het zzp’erschap? En hoe moeten we de relatie van deze niet aan een zorgorganisatie verbonden zorgprofessional met een zorgvrager eigenlijk typeren? Met als leidraad de begrippen zorg en arbeid heeft onze verkenning enkele voorlopige resultaten opgeleverd. Onvrede over de gevolgen van de marktwerking in de zorg, maar ook mogelijkheden als gevolg van diezelfde marktwerking zouden de keuze van zelfstandige zorgprofessionals kunnen verklaren. De dyade zelfstandige zorgprofessional – zorgvrager, die we als een inter-persoonlijke, professionele zorgverleningrelatie kunnen omschrijven, lijkt deel uit te maken van twee triades: een zorgtriade en een zorgmarkttriade. Het artikel wordt besloten met een ontwerp waarmee de dyade zelfstandige zorgprofessional – zorgvrager nader bestudeerd kan worden.
How to Cite: Robbe-Ansems, C.G.M., de Lange, W. & Schalk, M.J.D., (2013). The self-employed healthcare professional: exploring a new phenomenon. Journal of Social Intervention: Theory and Practice. 22(2), pp.149–166. DOI:
Published on 17 Jun 2013.
Peer Reviewed


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